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01 September 2011 @ 12:41 pm

• Minimum word count for big bang 15k
• Minimum word count for mini bang is 7.5k
• Story need to be classic Torchwood in setting (see FAQs for definition)
• Any pairings and genre is okay
• Needs to feature at least one Torchwood canon character, even if it’s only a minor one.
• AUs and crossovers are okay.
• Warnings for major triggers needed (character death, suicide, non/dub con, incest, extreme violence, torture) both in rough draft and final posted version. Highlight to read warnings are acceptable. Slash/het/femslash/gen are not things that to be warned for. Pairings and/or genre (for gen) will let people know this information.
• Please use a ‘contains’ section if there’s something in the fic readers should know about but isn’t actually a warning – eg mpreg, bdsm, tentacle sex.
• Stories must be beta’d
• Please don’t cross post your big bang until after tw-classic-bb has finished, 29th February.

• One piece of art minimum per artist, if you want to do more though you can.
• Art can be traditional art (drawing/painting etc), digital art, photo shopped art, fan mixes, fan vids, cover art.
• Art should be made specifically for the story assigned.
• Art should not be posted elsewhere until it has been posted to tw-classic-bb.

• You can sign up as both a writer and an artist – although you won’t be doing art for your own fic.